Learn more about our Community Investment Programme

What is our approach to community investment?

The Rio Tinto Community Fund and the Rio Tinto Yarwun and Queensland Alumina Limited (QAL) Sponsorships and Donations Programme make up the operations’ community investment portfolio. Through these programmes, Rio Tinto Yarwun and QAL support community-based projects that can make a difference in a sustainable way without creating dependency, and promote active partnerships at a local level that are based on mutual commitment, trust and openness.

What is the Rio Tinto Community Fund?

To support Rio Tinto’s Gladstone operations now and in planning for future closure, the Rio Tinto Community Fund invests in areas of identified need within the Gladstone region in ways that are sustainable and support business objectives.

To achieve its objective, the Community Fund advisory board makes investment decisions through a process of building knowledge, engaging the right stakeholders and developing solutions.

We operate on the philosophy that when a clear connection is made between the business’ objectives and the community’s priorities and plans, the likelihood of a successful outcome for both parties is significantly improved.

What is the Rio Tinto Yarwun and QAL Sponsorships and Donations Programme?

This programme is designed to support the development of our community through either a sponsorship or donation to a not-for-profit community organisation.

Contributions and activities Rio Tinto Yarwun and QAL support should be directed to either:

  • Increase community members ability to access economic added value - such as supplying to our business, training and development to seek employment; or

  • Add value to our business - for example initiatives that link to operational needs (recruitment and retention of people or our reputation)

What is a ‘Sponsorship’?

A sponsorship is an exchange in value. Our business provides financial or in-kind support and the organisation accepting the sponsorship provides a tangible and measurable return to our business such as media or community goodwill. Our sponsorships are based on the principle of reciprocity and align with our business risks and objectives. This means that aside from assisting community growth, these partnerships allow Rio Tinto Yarwun and QAL to help improve the quality of life and liveability to attract and retain skilled people to the area.

What is a ‘Donation’?

A donation is a charitable gift to secure goodwill. There is no expectation of a return to the business. Donations should be linked to real and relevant issues such as floods or bushfire that impacts the whole community.

What are ‘Activities’?

Activities are programmes that the business and employees participate in without necessarily providing a financial contribution.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a Sponsorship?

To determine whether your organisation is eligible to receive sponsorship from Rio Tinto Yarwun and QAL, a number of questions will be asked during the application process. Your application will be judged on the below criteria:

  • Economic and/or societal benefits for operation name and the community

  • Joint value which could be achieved for operation name and the community

  • Economic or reputational advantage which could be provided to operation name

  • Potential profit maximisation through the partnership for operation name

  • Shared values between the organisation and Rio Tinto

  • Adherence to Rio Tinto’s The Way we Work

How do we provide economic and/or societal benefits to operation name and the community?

Economic and societal benefits through projects and partnerships have the ability to add value to our business and the wider community.  For example, a sponsored workshop to upskill local health professionals provides societal benefits to the community and economic benefits to Rio Tinto when retaining employees residing in the area who want quality health care.

How do we achieve joint value for operation name and the community?

Joint value can be realised when a sponsorship delivers equally valuable results to both the community and the operation name. For example, a not-for-profit community arts organisation receives funding to conduct a workshop for young artists in the Gladstone Region. The artists then exhibit their work at an exhibition, publicising operation name’s role in delivering the community project.

How do we provide operation name with an economic or reputational advantage?

Community projects that involve upskilling local people will allow our business to access a larger pool of skilled employees, trainees, suppliers and support for expansion permitting and environmental co-management.

A reputational advantage is provided when the sponsored organisation actively promotes operation name’s support and involvement in helping to develop the community through the partnership.

How do we share Rio Tinto’s values of accountability, team work, integrity and respect?

By approaching your partnership or project with Rio Tinto Yarwun and QAL’s shared values, both parties can achieve desired outcomes.

Accountability, teamwork, integrity and respect are guiding principles for our operations and should be a focus for the organisations we partner with. By displaying these values, future partnerships with our operations will be considered more favourably.

What is Rio Tinto’s The way we work and how do I adhere to it?

The way we work is Rio Tinto’s global code of business conduct. It ensures our operations act responsibly, deliver success to the business and generate shareholder value.  The organisations we partner with should familiarise themselves with this document to ensure they understand Rio Tinto’s behavioural standards and can adhere to them.