Projects That Align With Rio Tinto’s Community Investment Strategy

Below are previous examples of projects which align and don’t align with Rio Tinto’s vision for sustainable community investment.

Example 1:

We would like to apply for funding to purchase 50 footballs for our junior football club in the Gladstone Region, which has 300 members.

This application is unlikely to be accepted on the basis that it:

  • Will benefit a small group of people in the Gladstone Region;

  • Is not aligned with the operation name’s focus areas of childcare, education, small and medium enterprise development, arts, active lifestyles and health; and

  • We do not invest in items that will lose value over time.

Example 2:

We are building a new sports centre at our school outside the Gladstone Region and would like to apply for funding to help pay for this.

This application would not be accepted because it:

  • Will benefit people outside the Gladstone Region; and

  • Is about building new infrastructure, which will require further investment to keep it maintained and is therefore unsustainable without further funding.

Example 3:

We would like to apply for funding to hold a workshop aimed at developing the skills of health professionals in the Gladstone Region to deliver better services to the community.

This example is likely to be accepted because it:

  • Provides economic benefits to Rio Tinto by delivering essential services to the community and in- turn helps Rio Tinto retain employees in the local community;

  • Provides societal benefits to both Rio Tinto and the Gladstone community; and

  • Benefits the wider Gladstone community.